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Do Poodles Howl? Why Does It Happen

Poodle howling

While it is true that some dog breeds are known for their howling abilities, such as huskies and wolves’ howl, the answer for poodles might be yes, poodles do howl like any other dog breed, but it is not common among all poodles.

Do Poodles Howl?

Poodles, as a breed, are not known for howling. Howling is a vocalization behavior commonly associated with wild and hunting dogs or domestic canids, such as a wolf or a hunting dog. However, poodles are not typically bred or trained to howl.

While some toy poodles howl, it is not a behavior that is commonly seen or encouraged in the poodle mixes. Poodles are more likely to bark, growl, or make other noises, such as whining or yipping, to communicate with their owners or dogs. However, if a poodle is trained to howl, it may be able to learn this behavior through positive reinforcement.

In short, while poodles may be able to learn how to howl, it is not a common behavior for the breed. If poodle owner wants their dogs to howl by understanding it, they may need to invest time and effort in training. It is important to note that excessive dog howling can be a problem for some pet owners. It may be necessary to consult a professional dog trainer to address any behavioral issues.

Why Do Poodles Howl?

Howling is a natural behavior for dogs. It is used as a form of communication, either with their owners or with other dogs, or to express their emotions. It is also essential for dogs to maintain social bonds and territory. There are several reasons why poodles may howl.


Poodles may howl as a response to fear. If they feel threatened or uncomfortable, they may start to howl to alert their owner or pack members to the potential danger.

Group of poodle howling at the beach


Poodles may howl if they are feeling anxious, This can be due to a change in their environment, such as moving to a new home or the presence of a strange dog.


Poodles can howl when they are excited, for example, when they see their owner or hear a siren.


If a poodle feels lonely, he may howl to try and get its owner’s attention. Poodles are social animals who need much attention and affection to be happy. Howling can help them feel less isolated if they feel lonely or have separation anxiety.


One of the main reasons why poodles howl is to communicate with their owners or with other dogs. Dogs howling is a way to let others know their location or to ask for attention.

Attention Seeking

Poodles may howl to get their owners’ attention. Feeling lonely, neglected, or bored, they may start to howl to get their owner’s attention.

Do Poodles Howl When Sad?

Yes, poodles can howl when they are sad. Like any other animal, poodles can experience various emotions, including sadness. If a poodle feels down or isolated, it may start to howl to communicate its distress. howling can be a way for them to express their emotions and let their owners know they are upset. This could be due to a change in their environment or the loss of a companion.

Poodle on the floor

Can All Poodles Howl?

Not all poodles are capable of howling, but the behavior is not uncommon in the breed. Whether or not a poodle will howl will depend on several factors, such as personality and environment.

Some poodles may not have the physical ability to produce a howl, while others may not have the instinctual drive to do so. It is also worth noting that the frequency and volume of a poodle’s howling can vary significantly from one individual to another. If your poodle does not howl, there is nothing to worry about; each dog is unique and may express itself differently.

Can You Teach Your Poodles to Howl?

Yes, teaching your poodle howl is possible but requires patience and consistency. Here is how you can do it:

  • Start with a Command: Start by teaching your poodle a howling command, such as “howl” or “sing.” Use this command consistently when you want your dog to howl.
  • Encourage Howling: Encourage your poodle to howl by making noises that they might respond to, such as a siren or a howling wolf. You can also make howling sounds yourself.
  • Positive Reinforcement: When your poodle howls, reward them with treats and praise to reinforce the behavior. This will help your poodle associate howling with positive experiences.

While you cannot always train a poodle to howl, you can encourage them to vocalize more by providing plenty of positive reinforcement. If your poodle is naturally inclined to howl, you can reward them with treats or praise whenever they do so. This will help to reinforce the behavior and encourage your poodle howling to continue. You can teach your poodle to howl on command with patience and consistency. This can be a fun and enjoyable activity for you and your toy poodle.

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