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How Fast Can a Poodle Run?

Poodle running

As agility competitors, poodles excel at sprinting through obstacle courses. Poodles’ long legs allow them to move quickly and reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour! However, it depends on the poodle breed and the individual dog’s health and fitness level.

In this article, we’ll explore how fast poodles can run and how they run so fast. We’ll also provide tips on making your poodles run faster and letting your pup stay fit and healthy to reach their maximum speed. You can unleash your poodle’s inner athlete with proper training and care.

How Fast Can a Poodle Run?

Poodles can run up to 30 miles per hour, but their running speed is determined mainly by their size, weight, and energy. All three types of poodle, i.e., standard, miniature, and toy, need to be fit and healthy to reach their maximum speed potential.

How Fast Can a Standard Poodle Run?

Standard poodles are the largest poodle breed, so they have more power and strength to support their running to become the fastest of all three breeds. Standard Poodles can reach up to 35-40 miles per hour. Standard poodles have larger body frames, allowing them to reach higher speeds than their smaller counterparts.

How Fast Can a Miniature Poodle Run?

Miniature Poodles are slightly slower, they can run at a maximum speed of 25–30 miles per hour. They have a smaller body frame, allowing them to be agile on their feet and reach the same speeds as a larger breed.

Poodle running in the snow

How Fast Can a Toy Poodle Run?

Toy Poodles have the least amount of speed among the three types. They can reach speeds of up to 15-20 miles per hour. This breed is the smallest of all three, so their frame and size prevent them from reaching maximum speed. However, they have strong endurance, allowing them to run longer distances than other dog breeds. 

Poodle breeds can reach varying speeds depending on their size and body type. All three types of poodles require proper exercise and nutrition to reach their full potential. With the appropriate care, poodles can be great running companions and enjoy their time outdoors.

How Can Poodles Run So Fast?

Poodles are renowned for their speed, agility, and ability to make quick turns. This is due to many factors, including their long, lean legs and a double-suspension gallop gait. The double-suspension gallop gives them extra lift and helps to propel them forward.

Additionally, poodle breeds have a deep chest, broad back, and curly tails, allowing for powerful lung capacity and efficient oxygen exchange, enabling them to run faster. The combination of a strong cardiorespiratory system, powerful legs, and the double-suspension gallop make poodles such fantastic canine athletes.

How Far Can a Poodle Run?

Poodles are active and energetic dogs, but their running speed is hard to predict. It depends on the size of the poodle, its age, and the terrain. Generally, larger-sized poodles can run faster than smaller ones, like miniature and toy poodles, over short distances. Usually, a healthy poodle can run up to 10 miles per hour for short bursts. 

However, more often than not, poodles are content to take leisurely walks with their owners. With regular exercise and a healthy diet, poodles can stay fit and active for years to come. While they may not be the fastest dog breed, poodles can still make great running companions.

Poodle running at the beach

How to Make Your Poodle Run Faster?


One of the best ways to make your poodle run faster is by ensuring they get plenty of exercise, such as long walks and runs or playing fetch. Select the right type of activities for your poodle, as some might be better suited for agility training or sprints. You can also incorporate other activities, such as swimming, to help build endurance and strength in your poodle.

Nutritious Diet

Providing a high-quality, nutritious diet is essential for any dog, supporting its overall health and well-being. Feed your poodle puppy a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals to help keep them healthy and energetic.

Positive Reinforcement

Lastly, positive reinforcement is vital in training a poodle, especially for canine athletic events. Give your dog rewards when they obey commands or even for small successes such as running a few feet. This will help them to remain motivated and excited about exercising, encouraging them to run faster. 

Implementing these simple tips can help your poodle run faster, improve overall health and increase your poodle’s lifespan. Always consult a veterinarian or professional trainer if you have any questions or concerns. With patience and dedication, you can make your poodles faster runners and amazing canine athletes by improving their running speed in no time!

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