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How Often Should You Bathe a Poodle? Step By Step Guide

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Poodles are known for their beautiful coats, But the more luxurious-looking the coat of your poodle is, the more maintenance it needs. Grooming is an important part of keeping your poodle looking and feeling its best. One important grooming task is regular bathing, but how often should you bathe a poodle?

How often should you bathe a poodle?

The simple answer is that it depends on the individual needs of your poodle, as well as its breed and lifestyle. But in general, if your poodle is kept indoors, it should be bathed at least every four to six weeks, or as needed.

Indoor Poodle

A poodle kept in the home should be bathed every four to six weeks, if your poodle has an especially thick coat, you may need to bathe it more often. But keep in mind that frequent bathing can strip the coat of its natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation. 

Tip: If your poodle is kept indoors and does not get very dirty, you may be able to go longer between baths. However, it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of dirt and the smell of your poodle, as these can indicate that it’s time for a bath.

Outdoor Poodle

If your poodle spends more time outdoors, then it will need more frequent baths than one kept indoors. This is because the coat on outdoor poodles will accumulate more dirt and debris. If your poodle is especially active outdoors, you may need to bathe it every two to three weeks. 

It’s also important to consider the climate in which you live. If your poodle is exposed to extreme temperatures or harsh conditions, you will likely need to bathe it more often than if it is kept in more controlled temperatures.

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Other Factors To Consider

  • Age: Puppies tend to get dirtier faster than adult poodles, so they may need to be bathed more often.
  • Breed: Some breeds of poodles have coats that are more prone to matting and require more frequent baths than others.
  • Diet: A healthy diet is important for keeping your poodle’s coat looking its best. If your poodle is not getting the right nutrients, its coat may become dry or brittle, which means it will require more frequent bathing.
  • Medical Conditions: If your poodle has a skin condition, such as allergies or an infection, you may need to bathe them more frequently than normal. This can help soothe their skin and reduce inflammation.

Bathing a Poodle: Step-by-Step Guide 

Bathing a poodle may seem daunting, but with the correct steps and supplies, it can be an enjoyable experience for both you and your pup. This step-by-step guide will provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to successfully bathe your poodle in a safe and efficient manner.

With just a few simple steps, your pooch can be squeaky clean and ready to play! So get your supplies ready, and let’s get started on giving your poodle the perfect bath.

1. Gathering Supplies 

The first step in bathing your poodle is gathering the necessary supplies. You will need a few items, including a shampoo specifically designed for dogs and an appropriate size bathtub or basin, warm water, washcloth/towel, detangling spray (optional), and drying aids such as a blow dryer or towels.

2. Prepping the Dog

Before you begin, be sure to brush your poodle’s coat to remove excess tangles and mats. Pay special attention to their ears, eyes, and face as this is where dirt and debris can accumulate, also make sure to also clean any tear stains. If your pup is prone to tangles, you may also want to use a detangling spray before brushing.

poodle and water

3. Washing the Poodle

Once you are ready to start bathing your poodle, fill the bathtub or basin with lukewarm water and add a few drops of shampoo specifically made for dogs. Gently place your pup inside and start wetting them from the neck down.

Use a washcloth or towel to help scrub their fur, making sure to be careful around sensitive areas like the eyes, face, and ears.

4. Rinsing and Drying

Once you have given your poodle a thorough bath, rinse them off with lukewarm water. Be sure to get all of the soap out of their fur, as it can be irritating. Afterward, use a towel to gently dry your pup and help remove excess water from their coat. For best results, you may also want to use a blow dryer on a low setting for more thorough drying.

5. Post-Bath Grooming and Care

Finally, it is important to brush your poodle’s fur again after the bath. This helps remove any remaining tangles or mats that may have occurred during the bathing process. Additionally, you can apply a dog conditioner or leave-in detangler to help prevent future knots and tangles. 

Overall, bathing your poodle is an important part of their grooming routine. With the proper supplies and techniques, you can give your pup a healthy bath that will leave them looking and feeling great! By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your pup is clean, comfortable, and happy.

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Tips for Bathing a Poodle

When it comes to bathing your poodle, it’s important to use the right products and approach. Here are some tips:

  • Use a gentle shampoo made specifically for poodles or other dogs with long coats. Avoid using human shampoos as they can be too harsh for your poodle’s skin. 
  • Rinse thoroughly after shampooing to ensure that all product is removed from the coat. 
  • Use a conditioner formulated specifically for poodles or other dogs with long coats. This will help keep their coat soft and healthy. 
  • Try to keep baths as short as possible, as excessive exposure to water can dry out your poodle’s skin
  • After each bath, make sure to thoroughly brush and comb your poodle’s coat. This will help prevent matting and keep it looking its best.


Bathing a poodle is an important part of its grooming routine. The frequency of baths depends on a variety of factors, including the breed, lifestyle, and environment in which it lives. In general, indoor poodles should be bathed every four to six weeks, while outdoor poodles may require more frequent bathing.

It’s also important to use the right products and techniques when bathing your poodle in order to keep its coat healthy and looking its best.  With the right care, you can keep your poodle clean and happy for years to come.


Do Poodles need special shampoo?

Yes, Poodles need special shampoo designed for their sensitive skin and curly coat. Using regular dog shampoo or human shampoo can strip their coat of natural oils and cause skin irritation. Look for a shampoo that is formulated for Poodles or dogs with sensitive skin.

Can you bathe your Poodle too much?

Yes, you can bathe your Poodle too much. Overbathing can strip their coat of natural oils and cause dry, itchy skin. Poodles only need to be bathed every 4-6 weeks, unless they get dirty or smelly in between.

Is baby shampoo OK for Poodles?

Baby shampoo is not recommended for Poodles. While it may be gentle on human skin, it is not designed for a dog’s sensitive skin. It’s best to use a shampoo specifically designed for dogs, and ideally for Poodles.

Should I use conditioner on my Poodle?

Using a conditioner on a Poodle’s coat can help keep it soft, shiny, and tangle-free. Look for a conditioner that is formulated for Poodles or dogs with curly coats. Avoid conditioners with harsh chemicals or fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin.

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