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Poodles and Cats – How to Introduce Them Smoothly

Poodle and cat

When introducing cats and dogs, it is important to allow them to get used to each other’s presence gradually. It is always a good idea to supervise dogs and cats when they are together, especially when they are first getting used to each other.

With patience and consistent training and socialization, dogs and cats can learn to coexist peacefully and even become good friends.

how to Get Poodles Along With Cats

Say a Big No to Chasing

Every dog has a prey drive in their behavior where they hurt or kill the other animal. If you allow your Poodle to chase your cat, then there are chances that it will hurt your cat.

Sometimes chasing is just gameplay but it is hard for you to tell if they are playing or your cat is being attacked. Therefore, it would be best to not let your Poodle chase your cat, even as a game.

Make Them Used to Each Other’s Scent

Animals are very possessive about their stuff and territory. When there is a single pet in a household, then they do not like it when any other animal gets in their place.

When your Poodle and cat are playing, make sure to add their toys or accessories to each other’s territory. This will make them familiar with their scents, and they will not consider them enemies.

Use a Cage

When cats are small, there is a higher risk of introducing them to the Poodle as a bit of harshness can cause immense damage. Therefore instead of risking, you can let them meet in the cage for the first time. This will minimize risk because the cat is safe in the cage even if the Poodle attacks.

Feed them Together to Create Harmony

Feeding together does not imply that one needs to feed them in the same bowl, as this will lead to food-based aggression. But offering them food in the same room will build a positive atmosphere around them.

Tip: Animals put down their guard while eating and feel more relaxed. This is a better way of introduction as they can be familiar with one another while eating.

How to Prevent Poodles and Cats From a Fight?

Place the Litter Box in a Protected Location

When cats use the litter box, they are vulnerable and will get scared easily if a Poodle attacks. This can lead to a serious fight; thus, make sure you keep the litter box in a safe place, That is beyond the reach of a Poodle. For example behind a gate or in a cabinet with a small hole that only allows cats to enter.

Exit Routes Should Be There For Cats

You can’t keep an eye on your pets all the time. If a fight happens when you are not around, then you are not going to be able to stop it. Therefore, provide your cat with various exit routes, such as furniture or elevated places. So that the cat can avoid the fight and be safe through those exit routes if the dog starts a chase.

Keep Your Cat’s Claws Short

A cat’s claws are powerful and can cause severe wounds, Even though the cat is smaller than the dog. It can cause an injury to your dog like a serious eye and muscle injury when playing around or in a conflict. Therefore it would be better to keep your cat’s claws short and clipped.

Do Not Leave Them Alone Until They Become Friends

Do not leave alone Poodles and cats who are recently introduced. They need complete observations when they are together, as any incident can happen all of a sudden. Only one incident can be harsh for the cat to get badly injured. Similarly, if it is a toy Poodle, then it can also get a severe injury.

Training for a future introduction

If you have a Poodle and you expect to have a cat in the future, then it is better to train him now. Training the dog from the beginning will result in a smooth introduction to Poodles and cats. After that, your Poodle will not get aggressive with the animals around him. Here are some training methods that can make your Poodle well-behaved in their introduction.


Socialization is a fantastic method of dog training and should be taught to dogs at younger ages. One should conduct this training regularly when a dog is around six or seven weeks. This training will help your Poodle to be nice, calm, and friendly around others.

Therefore, you do not have to cage or leash them when you have guests at home. Once your dog gets well socialized, you can assure the safety of the cat that you will bring on.

Impulse Control Training

Impulse control training is essential to control the bad behaviour of your dog. This includes off-leash recall and stay commands. By training your dog this method, you will teach him to follow the directions of the owner. This training should be done correctly for amazing interaction between Poodles and cats.

Caution: Training your dog to be off-leash can be rewarding, but it’s important to be aware of the risks, such as the dog running off, encountering other animals, and local laws and regulations. Ensure the dog is fully trained and reliable in responding to recall commands before allowing it to be off-leash.

Cat’s and Poodle’s Temperament Over Each Other

  • Some cats are aggressive towards dogs irrespective of their breed. So you can choose a cat breed that is friendly and calm with other animals like Maine Coon.
  • Poodles are sensitive and emotional dogs that attach to their owners. Thus when the owner brings a cat home, Poodles feel jealous.
  • Some Poodles are big in size and are not aware of their power. Due to this, they can injure smaller animals. That is why dog training is vital to prevent that.


Once they get the habit of living together, then they can make a good introduction to any animal. Training can help to make the introduction better, but Poodles and cats will not become friends instantly. You need to wait for some time and then see if they are getting well together, but after this process, you will find yourself cuddling with your poodle and cat at night.

If you plan to keep Poodles and cats, it would be better to bring them at a young age.

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