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When Do Poodles Get Their Curls? How to Make Your Poodle Curly

Curly Poodle

Poodles are known for their distinctive, curly hair. But where does this unique look come from? While the answer to this question may surprise you, getting the signature curly look for your poodle at home is relatively easy.

In this blog post, we will explore where a poodle’s curls originate and provide tips on making your poodle’s curly hair.

When Do Poodles Get Curly? 

Poodle puppies are born with straight hair. They start to develop their signature shaggy curls once they reach the age of six months. Depending on their breed and genetics, purebred poodles may have slightly wavy hair at this age. However, it usually is when they are a year old that the curls become much more pronounced. This is usually when their coats start to thicken as well.

The development of the poodle’s curly coat is a process that takes time. While it may seem like the curls suddenly appear, it is a gradual process that can take months. During the first six months of their life, poodle puppies go through the teething phase.

This means that hormones in their body fluctuate and change as they grow. As these changes slow down, the curly coat will begin developing independently.

Although poodles usually develop their curls at around one year of age, some poodles’ hair may remain straight even after this point. This could be due to genetics or environmental factors such as diet, climate, and grooming habits.

It is essential to keep in mind that each poodle’s coat may differ slightly depending on their unique genetics and environmental factors. Hence, it’s best to get familiar with your particular breed’s specific trends when it comes to their coats.

Tip: If your poodle puppy isn’t developing curls, you should ask your vet about ways to encourage them to come through. It should also be noted that the type of curly coat poodles can vary from one breed to the next. Some breeds are more predisposed towards tight, spiral curls, while others will have looser waves.

Curly poodle puppy

Why Do Poodles Have Different Coats When They Are Puppies and Adults?

Poodles have a different coat when they are puppies due to their genetic makeup and the evolution of their dog breed. Poodles were originally bred for water retrievers and, specifically, hunting activities like swimming in cold waters or trudging through mud and foliage.

The puppy’s shorter, softer, fluffy coat helps keep them warm while working in cooler temperatures and protects them from debris they may encounter. On the other hand, an adult poodle’s longer and harder topcoat is a barrier against the elements, keeping them dryer when swimming.

The coat of a poodle is made up of different types of hair, each growing at its rate. The puppy’s coat is composed of a short, soft layer of downy fur that grows until it is replaced by a more resilient and longer topcoat as the poodle ages. This change in the dog’s skin type occurs at different times for different poodles – generally between 12 to 24 months of age.

Although poodles can seem high-maintenance at first glance because of their luxurious coats, many poodle owners find something special about their unique coats that sets them apart from other breeds. These pooches always look stylish and have a special layer of protection that helps keep them safe and comfortable in all environments. 

Good to know: The difference in coats between puppies and adults is also seen in other breeds. Not all dogs have this type of adult coat change, though – some breeds keep their puppy fur through adulthood.For example, breeds like Shih Tzus are born with long layers of fur that remain fairly unchanged throughout life.

Curly poodle dog

Do All Poodles Have Curly Hair?

Not all poodles have curly hair. Poodles are a group of dog breeds known for their distinctively curly coat. However, some variations within the breed have straighter fur that is less dramatic or bouncy than the classic poodle look. When Poodles are born, their coats often differ from what they will be as adults.

The most common types of poodles are the Standard poodles, which typically have long curls reaching past the chest and stomach area. This poodle usually requires frequent brushing and grooming to maintain its signature look.

On the other hand, Miniature poodles and Toy poodles generally have denser coats with slightly less curl than their larger counterparts – though they may require occasional trimming or styling from a groomer to keep them looking neat.

Are There Poodles That Don’t Have Curls At All?

There are some variations of poodles that don’t have curly fur at all. In particular, the Corded poodle is a type of poodle that tends to have long straight strands of fur that hang loosely from its body. This variety usually matures with an even straighter coat than other dog breeds and doesn’t require as much grooming.

Have you heard that poodles are water dogs? Like other water dogs with curly hair, they don’t have a protective undercoat. Instead, the tight curls prevent the water from reaching the skin.

Curly poodle laying on the couch

Can You make your poodle hair curly?

Yes, because poodles have thick, double-coated fur that is especially good at holding shape. This means that when you brush and groom a Poodle’s fur, it is easier to curl up into the desired shape. 

One way to encourage your poodle’s fur to curl is by using a gentle dog shampoo or a pet grooming spray or gel. These products contain special ingredients that help keep the dog’s hair in place and make it easier for you to shape and style it.

You can use hairspray, curlers, and other styling tools to create different looks depending on how much of a curl you want your poodle fur to have.

How Do You Get Your Poodle’s Hair to Curl? 

There are a few different ways to give your poodle a curly look. To achieve this, you can use special styling products like mousses and gels or try one of the methods below.

  1. First, you can wrap your poodle’s hair in small cotton strips or rollers.
  2. If you’re feeling creative, you can also braid your poodle’s hair and shape it into spirals or curls with your fingers.
  3. Finally, you can use a hot curling iron to achieve tight curls for an even more dramatic look. 

Whatever method you choose, remember to use a heat-protecting styling product before curling and gently brush out any clumps or tangles. With patience, your poodle can transform into the beautiful curls you desire.

Poodle puppy laying on the floor

How To Hold The Curls For a Longer Time?

It is important to remember that even if you manage to get your poodle’s coat to hold its curls, it may not look perfect all day long. This is because the double-coated fur can be heavy and dense, so that it may flatten out over time.

Furthermore, if your poodle spends much time outside in warm temperatures or playing in the water, the curls may only last for a short time.

So if you want to give your adult poodle a unique look, you should brush the less curly puppy coat several times a day and use styling tools like hairspray and curlers. You can get that perfect curl for your pup with enough practice and patience!

Remember that it may not stay perfectly curled all day long; however, this is okay, as it will make him look more natural.

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